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The Long-term Impact of the Head Start Program- The Hamilton Project 

by Lauren Bauer Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach  

In this Economic Analysis, we investigate the impact of Head Start on a new set of long-term outcomes, extending landmark analyses further into adulthood and considering the effect of Head Start… (Click here for story)


Liberia tops UNICEF ranking of 10 worst countries for access to primary school

NAIROBI, Sept 1 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) –

Liberia has the highest proportion of children missing out on primary school education, the United…(click here for story)


Uganda Will Close For-Profit Schools Pushed by Gates, Zuckerberg, US, UK, and World Bank

by janresseger
In a statement to the Ugandan parliament last week, Hon. Janet Museveni, Ugandan Minister for Education and Sports, explained that the ministry will close 63 private primary and nursery schools at the end of the term due to problems with…(click here for more)