Gwen Coe Scholarship


Gwen Coe Memorial Scholarship Award

Gwen Coe Memorial Award was established to honor the memory of Dr. Gwendolyn Coe. She served  as president of OMEP-USA from 2003-2006. Dr. Coe was dedicated to promoting children’s rights around the world. As a professor of Early Childhood Development at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville she found many ways to advocate for children and families.


 This scholarship is intended to encourage OMEP-USA members to further their active participation in leadership activities in the field of Early Childhood Development and with OMEP-USA. The Gwen Coe Memorial Award offers two (2), $500 grants to support one student and one professional member’s attendance at an OMEP-related conference. The chosen conference can be a national or international meeting such as: NAEYC—-OMEP-USA, ACEI—-OMEP-USA, or OMEP World Assembly.

Application Eligibility Requirements: 

An applicant must be a current OMEP-USA member. The applicant must be employed, a student, or actively volunteer in a field closely related to Early Childhood Education. The Application must be completed with all supporting documents and be received by the deadline. All applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the OMEP-USA Gwen Coe Awards Committee and a recommendation will be made to the OMEP-USA Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application from the Gwen Coe Scholarship Chair. Following the conference award recipients are required to submit a short report describing the use of the award funds and what you learned, to be shared with OMEP members.

Documentation Requirements:
  • A personal statement of international interest and goals related to children and families;  
  • Proof of OMEP-USA membership;
  • Proof of employment or current volunteer status in ECE or related field;
  • Proof of student status if applying for student award;
  •  Letter of Recommendation from an Early Childhood Professional (the letter should include information about the length of association with the applicant, in what capacity the recommender worked with the candidate, and the strengths of the candidate through assuming leadership roles in OMEP-USA);
  • Letter of Recommendation from an OMEP-USA Board of Directors member (the letter should include how the board member believes the candidate will contribute to OMEP in a leadership role);
  • Mail documents in 8 x 11 or 10 X 13 envelope

Email: [email protected] to request application and to receive the mailing address