Membership Terms of Service

Our membership terms are guided by our ByLaws. Please review our ByLaws for details.


The formal name of this organization shall be the United States National Committee of Organization Mondiale pour l’Education Prescolaire (OMEP), the World Organization for Early Childhood Education. In practice this organization shall be referred to as OMEP-USA. The acronym is used to facilitate understanding of the organization.

Our bylaws outline the following:

  1. Organization name and affiliation;
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Membership structure and dues
  4. Governing board
  5. Elections
  6. Finances
  7. Committees
  8. Parliamentary Authority
  9. Agreement with other organizations
  10. Amendment of the By-Laws
  11. Dissolution of the Organization

To obtain a copy of our bylaws please email [email protected]

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